Standard Boxing Numbering System 🔢

The numbering system can vary from coach to coach, gym to gym, but there is a standard system which most people learn when they first start boxing.   

It is the assignment of punches in boxing to a certain number. It allows for ease of transcribing combos and memorizing combos. It is also easier to refer to a punch as its number than to say to what specific punch you are referring.   

The typical numbering system used by gyms and coaches is as follows: 1: Jab  

1B: Body Jab  

2: Straight  

2B: Body Straight  

3: Lead Hook  

3B: Lead Hook to the Body  

4: Rear Hook  

4B: Rear Hook to the Body  

5: Lead Uppercut  

5B: Lead Uppercut to the Body  

6: Rear Uppercut  

6B: Rear Uppercut to the Body  

8: Rear Overhand    

** In order to refer to the body version of a punch, add a “b” to the number of the punch   

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