We have created more than just a brand. We have created a movement that openly embraces all who seek to live by a positive mindset, enduring work ethic, supporting each other, and celebrating our victories


Onward is a progressive athletic brand with a passion for sports and a relentless spirit. We are young, fresh, energetic, and unapologetic, yet sophisticated. Each piece of equipment and apparel is designed for a purpose and built for optimal performance, with function, durability, and style, at the core of design philosophy.
Our MIssion

Onward is a performance-focused brand for athletes and those who aspire to an athletic lifestyle. Our mission is to combine our 30 years of industry expertise with performance-led design, technical innovation, and style, to create finely crafted equipment and athletic-inspired apparel & accessories to optimize your sporting ability.

At Onward, we promote a determined and active lifestyle by expressing ourselves through athletic performance. Our motto is “Always ONward”, which is our approach to everything we do. We will continually push the boundaries of what is possible, in both product design and training, in our relentless goal to lift you and enhance your performance.

What We
Stand For

Always on, forever Onward. We persevere in our pursuit of performance and personal excellence. No matter what obstacles there may be or challenges that arise - we overcome, we keep going, we never stop. Onward is a state of mind, a way of life, and it is the cornerstone of our philosophy.


We believe everything is possible and continuously strive to deliver on the impossible. Our sophisticated products are interwoven with technology that screams style. 

We are not restricted by our ability to dream. Measured, recorded, and learned, our development strategy is simple, yet effective.

As athletes who became creators of finely crafted equipment and athletic apparel, we understand the focus and determination needed to continually progress and ultimately prevail.

We utilize this same focus and determination to innovate our products to consistently find new ways to keep you comfortable, as well as support and amplify athletic performance. Our focus on the fine details utilizing Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to ensure product development parameters and performance characteristics achieve a high level of accuracy before we go to production.

Carefully considering both form and function with the utmost attention, we believe each product we design should be an extension of our customer and purposeful. Rather than interfere with movement, our products enhance the user and provide optimal confidence to handle the task at hand.

Our innovation is not restricted to pure product progression. We apply innovative concepts to aspects of our production to streamline and simplify processes eliminating unnecessary or old-fashioned production techniques.

We pride ourselves on your design and development prowess. At Onward, our focus on innovation sets us apart from our competition.


We have created more than just a brand. We have created a movement that openly embraces all who seek to live by a positive mindset, enduring work ethic, supporting each other, and celebrating our victories. As a collective, we are more powerful, diversely accepting, and enthusiastically competitive. We call this the Onward nation.

We consider ourselves global people and believe we have a responsibility through our passion for sports and fitness to engage, empower unite people and communities. We are very much engaged and have our finger on the pulse in understanding the work that goes into making it to a professional level. Being actively involved within Professional and Amateur Local and International events and tournaments, we are not only an online presence, but we are also personable.

Training and education: We believe in the idea that you never stop learning. Onward is actively involved with the training and education of athletes and coaches. We have a broad network of some of the best minds in the game, which we partner with to design and deliver effective programs and community-based initiatives. Our objective is to help increase individual continuity in sports and fitness, by sharing the most up to date information and thinking, ensuring that we will be at the forefront.

Youth participation: Increasingly low participation levels in sports and fitness are evident. Globally governments are investing in increasing participation in sports and fitness through approaching health-related issues from low physical activity. Increasing access and having a genuine interest in Sports and fitness is something we are passionate about. We currently are involved in community-based programs focussed on youth that have a range of limiting factors, including low family support, health, drug, alcohol, criminal, and financial obstacles.

These programs are about helping the individual realize their potential through sport and fitness by providing regular training based sessions. Embody sports-based training, teamwork, nutrition as well as a multitier support system enhanced by sporting ambassadors to help upskill. Instilling the mindset into the individual of what it takes to become successful and secure their goals through teaching, and mentoring to grow an appreciation and passion.

Manufacturing footprint: As part of our ongoing drive to innovate and enhance your performance. We are continually looking at how we conduct ourselves as makers of the product. As a global business, we look to utilize production techniques that promote more ethical working environments that not only reduce wastage but align with our vision of future manufacturing.

This extends to our sourcing and selection of materials, which is centred around our desire to reduce our environmental footprint. Examples of this include our constant sourcing of alternatives to livestock-based materials that are traditionally used in our industry. This one example also provides a production efficiency where wastage is once again minimized due to the ability to customize the output of these materials to our consumption requirements.

These projects are part of our dream of a more sustainable and active future for all. We welcome any interest you may have in joining the Onward movement.

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