Deux Lace Up Boxing Glove

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The Deux glove was born from two simple design ideals:

  • Create an intimate connection, feel and feedback between the athlete and their objective be it bag work, pad work, sparring or fight night.
  • Minimalist execution utilising only the best of everything not the most of everything.

This focus was used to create a superior product through simple honest design and construction. So, we removed rather than added and required more from each piece we utilised. Emphasis was placed on supporting hand position as it mechanically transitions through each technique.  It resulted in a glove shape that has glimpses of Mexican styling, with enhancements that make it subtly unique and compact.




We pronounce it “Dukes” but spell it “Deux” meaning two in French. The play on both words to make a one that intimately describes the moment these gloves are called on, inspired by the following phrases:

  • The rhyming slang “get your dukes up” meaning “get into your fighting stance and defend yourself”
  • The French term “pas de deux” which can be loosely translated as “an intricate activity involving two parties”




  • Premium X Leather material 
    • Specially developed synthesized leather prepared for gloves and protective equipment.
  • Comfort
    • 3D foam lining throughout the internal glove creates a fitted feel and promotes airflow.
  • Performance Shift
    • Three piece, streamlined mould system
    • Compact design, provides feel and feedback 
  • Confidence & Security
    • A fully integrated pre-curved and padded wrist support system provides stability and wrist alignment
    • Extended cuff design, provides a firmer wrist binding
    • 3” adjustable hook and loop closure secures the wrist available
  • Available in lace-up or hook and loop closures

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Deux Lace Up Boxing Glove
Deux Lace Up Boxing Glove
Deux Lace Up Boxing Glove
Deux Lace Up Boxing Glove
Deux Lace Up Boxing Glove
Deux Lace Up Boxing Glove
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