Why We Need to Meditate Regularly? Like Going to the Gym every day - Interview with ChewYin Chan

Q: Should we stop practicing Meditation once we are feeling calm and chilled? And why? 

Short answer: NO Haha (laughter) As a lifestyle choice, I liken Meditation to going to the Gym. People go to the Gym to improve their physical body and overall health and hope to let off some steam, de-stress, and have some fun.

Meditation is a connection between the mental and physical body and addresses emotional health, allowing your mind to calm and allowing you to connect with yourself. That sure sounds like fun to me. Haha. (Laughter) It's like exercise for the mind… the more you practice, the better shape you'll be in.

Q: What are the benefits of regular mindfulness exercises?

Mindfulness exercises are a reminder to be present. They are bringing us back to the here and now.

Connection to one's inner self.

People with busy lives spend a lot of time actively planning mentally… so dealing with future stuff… because I suppose we want things to be perfect, but we then start to overthink and exhaust our mental effectiveness. Mindfulness exercises bring us back, reminding us we can only control our actions here and now, in the present.

Q: How can it help people who may suffer from anxiety or excessive thoughts? 

Well, you can learn how to master and control that chattering mind, which leads us to panic and sleepless nights. Yes, it can help you sleep. Meditation, or mindful exercise, enables you to ground yourself and think more clearly. Being in the moment is a beautiful realization that you are OK right here, right now.

Q: How long should we practice every day?

"Should" in my mind implies some program you need to follow, but for me, it's not really like that… I practice when I want to because I want to, and as often as I want to. And it doesn't have to be for very long. As I always say to my students, there is no right or wrong way… It’s about finding time for yourself.

What I do recommend is trying to build it into your day as part of your daily routine. If you are starting Meditation for the first time, try setting aside just 5 to 7 minutes a day. 7 mins for 7 days, master that, then you can comfortably practice it for longer if your schedule allows you to. Do this for 21 days and you start to create a new habit. Group classes are also a great way to practice, to get into the habit of Meditation.

Q: How can we make Meditation more interesting? So that we don't lose interest.

Good question… Personally, I find Meditation to be such an effective way to relax and gain clarity, that I struggle to see myself ever losing interest. But I can understand that life can distract us from investing time in ourselves, allowing us to take a moment for ourselves or to switch off.

There are many different approaches to explore, and you can try different techniques or teachers. It can be like finding that class at the Gym you like or gym instructor that you connect with who motivates you to exercise. There are many different types from Omm chanting, Breathwork, and Mindfulness, to Self-Connection, Hypno-Meditation, or Singing bowls.  

For some, Meditation can be found in creativity and around the home, too, for example, painting or cooking or gardening. Japanese gardens, even! There are lots of ways to keep the mind interested and to find that meditative connection within yourself.

There are apps for meditations, check out;




Or Explore YouTube

Meditation is a time for you to invest in yourself. Start with the 7mins practice at home ( as mentioned above). I highly recommend doing your Meditation at the beginning of your day, if possible. It changes the course of your day! Or fit it around your schedule.

And throughout your day, "be in the moment." Being in the moment- no action can be taken on the past or future…. Action can only be taken in the now… in the moment.

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