Throw Right, Go Right! Basic Body Positioning

A good practice when explaining how head movement and lateral movement work in harmony with punches is to help the athlete use their natural momentum from punching to position their next move. What does that mean? Often, novice athletes have issues with balance when throwing punches in combinations. This drill is designed to help the beginner athlete with body positioning while punching. Using the "Throw Right, Go Right”…and…"Throw Left, Go Left" methodology is a great way to keep the athlete in proper balance and ready to throw their next series of punches by merely "rolling off" (or towards) the same direction off their last punch. Some coaches preach to roll off of every punch, which has substantial merit. I prefer to teach to roll off the final punch of the combination. So depending on which hand completes the combination, that is the way the athlete will move. For example; a simple 1-2 combo (Jab, Straight rear hand) when finishing with the rear hand, the athlete would roll right (left if southpaw).

 Important coaching note: When rolling the athlete, aim for the top of the head with the mitt. Always good to slightly exaggerate technique, so it becomes second nature during the competition. 

One bad habit that is important to avoid: Often, the athlete will rush the last punch they throw to get to the roll/movement. This will cause "short" arm punches. I like to over exaggerate the extension of the final punch (especially with the straight rear hand/cross) with sharp hip snap and pivot on the rear foot. Be sure to slow the drill down and focus on the near-perfect technique.

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